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Goldie is the Twin sister of Wendy the two of them ruled Old Town until Goldie was killed by Cardinal Roark for discovering his cannibalistic secret.

A Dame to Kill ForEdit

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Goldie and Wendy meet Dwight who is healing after Molly's surgery to tell him that he should leave. Dwight insists that he is going to stay. Miho puts the tip of her katana on him, but then Dwight and Gail narrate how he tried to protect the lives of the Old Town girls including Miho's.

The Hard GoodbyeEdit

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Last night with Marv
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Goldie discovers that Cardinal Roark and Kevin were killing and eating some of the Old Town prostitutes. Although Cardinal Roark found out she had discovered, Goldie hid in public places and one day eventually ended up in Kadie's bar and met Marv.

They go to a rundown apartment and Goldie tells Marv she wants him. They have passionate sex, after which Goldie proclaims that she needs him, and they lay asleep on a heart-shaped bed. While asleep, Kevin sneeks in and silently kills Goldie as Cardinal Roark calls the police to frame Marv.

Marv the goes on a killing rampage to discover who killed Goldie. He realizes thats she was a prostitute, and that she needed him to protect her from her pursuers. He eventually finds and kills both Kevin and Roark, but is then incorrectly sentenced to death for the murders of a number of Old Town prostitutes, Lucille, and even Goldie.

Portrayer in The Film AdaptionEdit

Goldie a character introduced in The Hard Goodbye. She was played by Jaime King, who also portrayed her twin sister Wendy.


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