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Occupation: Unknown
Gender: Male
Comic Appearances: Daddy's Little Girl
Affiliation(s): Amy
Johnny is a middle aged man who fell in love with Amy, a young 20-years old girl who convinced him to try to kill her father. She told him that he would cut her out of his will, and left him a gun.

Daddy's Little GirlEdit

Johnny makes a practice with the gun and then goes to see her father in their rich mansion. After he asks her hand and Daddy refuses, he shoots twice on him. As Johnny repents and plans to turn himself in, Daddy stands up telling him that the bullets were blank.

It is later revealed that Daddy is a sadist who kills to get aroused; specifically to screw Amy. Johnny is beaten to death in this manner, to which Amy comments "he didn't put up much of a fight".

Not to be confused for the character "Johnny" portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the 2005 film's sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

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