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Old Town.

Old Town
is a section of Sin City run by the local prostitute community, known as the Girls of Old Town. Back when Basin City was just a frontier settlement, one forward thinking member thought to make it the prostitute center of the West. Importing high class prostitutes from across the globe, the Girls of Old Town became renowned throughout the West. This contributed to Basin City's growth and its eventual criminal aspect. In more recent history. The area is now ruled by an informal matriachy, Wendy and Goldie in The Hard Goodbye and later by Gail in The Big Fat Kill. After a bloody struggle the Girls of Old Town freed themselves from the Mob by striking a deal with the cops. The girls provide free entertainment for officers and a promise that no cop is killed in Old Town and the Girls of Old Town can deliver their own brand of justice on their turf. This truce was nearly broken when Old Town enforcer, Miho killed a group of drunken troublemakers, not knowing that one of them, Jack Rafferty is a cop. They gain a major victory against the Wallenquist Organization, who tried to exploit Rafferty's murder and the crime is covered up with the help of Dwight McCarthy, an ally of Old Town.


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